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Core Elements Chiropractic

October 2, 2009

I first went to Core Elements for my then 4 week old daughter. She needed an adjustment after birth, and we were having trouble with breastfeeding. My lactation consultant suggested we get Craniosacral Therapy. While at the Green Sprouts Festival, I got some information at the Core Elements Chiropractic booth, and learned what exactly what Craniosacral Therapy was.  We met with We met with Dr. Arah McLaughlin, D.C.,, who by the way is the sweetest, most gentle and loving chiropractor I have ever met, and after one adjustment and Cranio session, my little one had amazing improvement. She must have really enjoyed her treatment too, as she fell asleep while being worked on!  We did at one more treatment, and it was like night and day! Her digestive problems were no longer, she was actually nursing longer, stronger and it was not painful for me anymore, and she was not as fussy as she had been. Amazing. On my next visit to my lactation consultant, she too saw all the improvement, and said my little one was now nursing as she should be, and I could resume nursing as normal, no longer needing a shield or any other devices to help.

I too became a patient seeing chiropractors Arah McLaughlin, DC and Shane McLaughlin DC. both for my TMJ & Back pain and then later for an old sports injury on my ankle. I always received the best, most up-to-date treatment, and feel SO good, both physically and mentally when I leave. The team at Core Elements is top notch, and I now send all my friend, family and clients that way… and they are always thankful. This should be the first and only call or search you make for a chiropractor. PLUS, their office offers massage, acupuncture and lots of other wellness practices, so look no further. THE BEST!

If you would like to visit Core Elements, please visit their site at and look for an introductory coupon in the 2009 Birth Bucks Book


Reivew: ReliOn Temple Touch Thermometer

September 15, 2009

Leave a comment below for your chance to win one of these products for yourself. Watch the entire video for all the details.

Carseat Recycling

September 14, 2009

Most people know that carseats expire after as early as 5 years, but did you know there are safer, and more eco-friendly ways to dispose of those seats??? Legacy Health offers FREE carseat recycling.

What’s new is that they now ask families to strip from the car seats all fabric, webbing and soft foam (these parts are not recyclable) prior to bringing in the car seats for recycling.

Legacy Health is offering two events in the near future for car seat and bike helmet recycling:

  • Saturday, September 19, 2009: 10am to 2pm as part of the Healthy Kids Fair at Legacy Mount Hood. The car seat recycling will be across the street from the main fair at Saturn East (3265 SW Sundial Ave., Troutdale 97060).
  • Saturday, October 3, 2009: Car seat safety checks and recycling from 10am to 2pm at Legacy Meridian Park.

Zhu Zhu Pets!

August 24, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets are the next best thing (if not the best) to giving your child a cuddly hamster to love and play with. Just think…. All the fun, without the mess. 

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters are interactive toy pets, each with their own set of over 40 sound effects, squeaks, chirps, etc.

Are you in the Portland Oregon Metro? Would you like a chance to play with these cute little creatures (children ages 3-6 with parental supervision)? We’re having a Zhu Zhu Pets PARTY! Come play with us. Each family gets to take home a Zhu Zhu Pets hamster of their own.

*UPDATE* All Zhu-Zhu party spots have been claimed, however, your chances of having a Zhu-Zhu of your own is not gone…

We’re going to have a GIVEAWAY! Look for it after our party in September or early October.

Weaning, continued.

June 28, 2009

Here we are… almost one month after that day

Mama is still sad, but G is a happy and healthy girl. 

Weaning was much easier for her than I anticipated.  Since she was already using a cup, she’s been drinking more rice milk, and mama has adjusted her foods, vitamins and supplements a bit to make up for not getting the sweet mama-milk. She started sleeping in longer stretches and has actually slept through the night a few times. WHOA! 

She only got upset once when I said no more nursies, and it was only for a short minute. A few days later, out of curiosity, I offered her nursing, and she was excited, and began to move as if she was going to, but stopped short and didn’t latch on. It was as if she didn’t remember what to do!

This is been kind of hard on me. The emotional part of it has been sad. I felt like this was OUR THING and it was what bonded us most. I miss it. The quiet time just her nuzzling in to nurse. I feel guilt for not going to the full 2 year mark too.

I actually had a pretty steep hormone drop after the weaning. I got what was identical to Post-Partum Depression symptoms, and after a week has passed and things were not getting better, only worse, a very good (and my lifesaver) friend made a call to get me in to see and OB right away. Long story short a number of issues caused my hormone and serotonin levels to get all out of whack, so I’m on the road to recovery with many different methods and uses now.

As I approach this one-month milestone, I am happy and sad. Happy I finally caught a window of opp with this one… I missed every other one that we have ever had for anything with G. I’m sad that I may not ever breast feed or nurse a baby ever again, but I’ll grieve and eventually move on.

Review for Albolene

June 24, 2009

I had the opportunity to try out a product that could help with Eczema – check this out!

She weaned….

June 5, 2009

I have always known this time would come. I just didn’t know that when I nursed my 21 month old on that Saturday morning, it would be the last time.

I have been struggling with the choice to wean lately. G tends to nurse ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Our usual routine would be: Get ready for bed, get in her bed with mama (8 pm), mama nurses her to sleep (the uses the “Pantley-Pull-Off“), mama quietly exits room, mama does ___ for the next 2 hours, then G wakes (crying) and comes into mama’s bed and nurses again, falls asleep with mama, and then does the wake, nurse, sleep routine every 2 hours until she wakes at 7 am. This left a very very tired mama who desperately needed alone sleep time. It has been like this since about January. Before, she just co-slept with us.

So, when I began the process of night weaning, it was a step in the right direction for me to get sleep again. However, night # 2, when the assistance of Dada was needed to go to her room and soothe her, dada gave up. He was tired, and wasn’t feeling it. So, we stopped. Mama can’t night wean without Dada.

Saturday morning (May 30th, 2009, 9 am) arrives, and I nurse my sweet milk-loving 21 month old in bed, brushing her hair with my fingers, smiling down at my happy not-so-little nursling. Had I known this would be the last time ever that she would nurse, perhaps it would have been different. I’ll never know.

I was on my way to Seattle for the weekend, alone. This would be only the second time ever that G and I were separated at night. I had a full weekend ahead, and was VERY much looking forward to sleeping in the giant king-size bed alone. Uninterrupted. I told Dada this had to be done. He would have to soothe and calm her, remind her she’s a big girl and could do this. Love her. Cuddle her.

I return on Sunday night to find G sleeping in her bed, alone. I thought, okay… here is the test. She woke many times that night, but Dada went in to soothe her. He slept in there with her most of the night.

Morning arrives, and we made it. She came into our room at 9 am with lots of hugs and love. She started to pull at my shirt, asking to nurse. I said “No more nursies, you’re a big girl now… All done”. I expected tears and a meltdown like previous times I tried to deny nursies. Not this time. She said “No more nursies”, and hugged me again.

That’s it? Really? Just like that? I didn’t expect it to last.

She asked to nurse again 2 more times that day and I said the same thing each time, and she said the same thing each time too.

Here we are, almost one week later. She has not nursed. Not even once.


To be continued.