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Core Elements Chiropractic

October 2, 2009

I first went to Core Elements for my then 4 week old daughter. She needed an adjustment after birth, and we were having trouble with breastfeeding. My lactation consultant suggested we get Craniosacral Therapy. While at the Green Sprouts Festival, I got some information at the Core Elements Chiropractic booth, and learned what exactly what Craniosacral Therapy was.  We met with We met with Dr. Arah McLaughlin, D.C.,, who by the way is the sweetest, most gentle and loving chiropractor I have ever met, and after one adjustment and Cranio session, my little one had amazing improvement. She must have really enjoyed her treatment too, as she fell asleep while being worked on!  We did at one more treatment, and it was like night and day! Her digestive problems were no longer, she was actually nursing longer, stronger and it was not painful for me anymore, and she was not as fussy as she had been. Amazing. On my next visit to my lactation consultant, she too saw all the improvement, and said my little one was now nursing as she should be, and I could resume nursing as normal, no longer needing a shield or any other devices to help.

I too became a patient seeing chiropractors Arah McLaughlin, DC and Shane McLaughlin DC. both for my TMJ & Back pain and then later for an old sports injury on my ankle. I always received the best, most up-to-date treatment, and feel SO good, both physically and mentally when I leave. The team at Core Elements is top notch, and I now send all my friend, family and clients that way… and they are always thankful. This should be the first and only call or search you make for a chiropractor. PLUS, their office offers massage, acupuncture and lots of other wellness practices, so look no further. THE BEST!

If you would like to visit Core Elements, please visit their site at and look for an introductory coupon in the 2009 Birth Bucks Book

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