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Weaning, continued.

June 28, 2009

Here we are… almost one month after that day

Mama is still sad, but G is a happy and healthy girl. 

Weaning was much easier for her than I anticipated.  Since she was already using a cup, she’s been drinking more rice milk, and mama has adjusted her foods, vitamins and supplements a bit to make up for not getting the sweet mama-milk. She started sleeping in longer stretches and has actually slept through the night a few times. WHOA! 

She only got upset once when I said no more nursies, and it was only for a short minute. A few days later, out of curiosity, I offered her nursing, and she was excited, and began to move as if she was going to, but stopped short and didn’t latch on. It was as if she didn’t remember what to do!

This is been kind of hard on me. The emotional part of it has been sad. I felt like this was OUR THING and it was what bonded us most. I miss it. The quiet time just her nuzzling in to nurse. I feel guilt for not going to the full 2 year mark too.

I actually had a pretty steep hormone drop after the weaning. I got what was identical to Post-Partum Depression symptoms, and after a week has passed and things were not getting better, only worse, a very good (and my lifesaver) friend made a call to get me in to see and OB right away. Long story short a number of issues caused my hormone and serotonin levels to get all out of whack, so I’m on the road to recovery with many different methods and uses now.

As I approach this one-month milestone, I am happy and sad. Happy I finally caught a window of opp with this one… I missed every other one that we have ever had for anything with G. I’m sad that I may not ever breast feed or nurse a baby ever again, but I’ll grieve and eventually move on.

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