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What is your fav carrier/sling?

January 14, 2009

People often tell me their favorite carrier when I mention I am a babywearing educator. I love hearing each persons story as to what and why that specific carrier is their favorite. It also helps me when reccomending to other parents too – I can say this mama likes this one because they have a short torso, and it fits them well, and so on. So I want to hear from you – what is your favorite carrier and why?

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  1. Laura permalink
    January 15, 2009 6:30 pm

    We love the sporty baby bjorn that has breathable fabric for our 4 month old because it is quick and easy for both my husband and I to use and looks gender neutral.
    I recently just gave a friend a baby K’tan because the boutique didn’t carry the moby wrap that I had used and liked when my baby was a newborn. I found the baby K’tan much easier to use and carry out with us than the moby wrap and it formed essentially the same type of carrying positions.
    When our son is bigger we are going to use the Ergo carrier. It does not work well for newborns even with the insert which is a $50 blanket (complete waste of money). I am a little concerned with how it forces the legs open wide and around the carriers waist because we would like to use it on long hikes and it may not be comfortable for long periods to sit that way…I see other people love it though, so maybe the children are so flexible that they don’t mind. I’d love to hear from other parents about that.

  2. January 16, 2009 8:12 pm

    My favorite carrier is the Ergo. I had the Baby Bjorn for my daughter and didn’t use it that much. It wasn’t super comfortable for me. When my son was first born, I loved the SlingRider sling with breatheable mesh. That would always calm him down and put him right to sleep. But that would get heavy on my shoulder after a while, and if I wore it too long, I would be sore the next day.

    As he got a little bigger, I started using the Ergo exclusively. It’s like my son is giving me a big hug all day! It’s SO comfortable on my back and shoulders, he loves to be carried around in it and fall asleep, and I can even use it on my back when I have to carry laundry around or make dinner. I even had my toddler in it last week while she was sick and wanting to be carried around all day (she is never like that) – fortunately, with the Ergo, I was still able to get things done while attending to her needs.

    I definitely give it a huge two thumbs up.

  3. Melanie Sainz permalink
    February 16, 2009 8:57 pm

    I totally love our beco baby carrier. It has worked wonders for our little girl and for us as parents too! We started out with a couple of different styles of the snuggli. Well, our little girl has some hip issues and her chiropractor suggested getting an ergo or something like it, in order to support her hips and keep her back and hips in proper positions. We went and tried on all types and when I put on the beco, which has a thinner middle section than an ergo, our baby fit so perfectly her hips didn’t have to be open so far as in an ergo, and it felt so right. Our daughter is pretty small for her weight/age range, but fairly tall and ACTIVE! she enjoys being in this carrier and loves being able to interact with all the things mommy is doing. This carrier was also top knotch when she was suffering from intense GERD as a newborn. It helped me to provide comfort to her at all times.

  4. Tiffany permalink
    August 24, 2009 7:28 pm

    my 2 favorite carriers are my MeiTai by Sachi, and the Bali Stretch wrap by GypsyMama.
    i love the Sachi because its super easy to tie on, i can get babies and toddlers on my back by myself, and its comfortable, with padded straps, and the weight is distributed evenly across both shoulders and both hips.
    i LOVE the Gypsymama because it can be used from day one, snuggling the sweet newborn up to your body. there are so many different carries and ways to wrap it, its so versatile, comfortable, and it comes is gorgeous prints.
    i will still wear my 2 year old daughter in both the Sachi and the Gypsymama when we are out and about and she wants to be worn.

  5. February 6, 2010 12:05 am

    I still just love my Babyhaek Mei Tai. It’s what I grab when the baby is sick. I grab it over the Beco, over the Ergo, and over the wrap. I love it. Alot.

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